Williamsville Central School District

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Participation By The Public

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
3000 - Community Relations


The Board recognizes many visits are accomplished through attendance at such programs as "open houses," parent-teacher conferences, school musical and theatrical productions, wellness programs, athletic events and other occasions the general public is invited to attend. There are also occasions when parents or persons in parental relation desire to visit their child's classroom at other than school scheduled times. When such visitations occur, they shall be made on the basis of a defined need and only with the approval of their child's teacher and/or Building Principal. No such visit shall be permitted to interfere with the educational process. All visitors are subject to the expectations and procedures detailed in the "Visitors to the Schools" section of our District Code of Conduct.

Visits to the schools by individuals other than the parent or person in parental relation must be approved by the Building Principal. If the visit is approved it will occur at a time when disruptions are kept to a minimum. Visits determined to interfere with the educational process or instructional program will not be sanctioned.

All visitors are required to report to the Main Office upon arrival at school, sign in, and state their business. Visitations to classrooms for any purpose require advance permission from the Building Principal.

When individual Board members visit the schools, they must abide by the regulations and procedures developed by the Administration regarding school visits.

Violators of Board policy may be prosecuted pursuant to New York State law.

Education Law Section 2801
Penal Law Sections 140.10 and 240.35