Williamsville Central School District

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Adoption Date: 7/7/2009, Revised: 2/11/2014
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


The Williamsville Central School District may issue a purchase card to designated employees approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services.  A designated employee is defined as a district administrator or confidential titled employee.  Only one card may be issued to a person.  All cards will have the person’s name on them.  All card account statements are sent to a school district mailing address.  The maximum number of cards that may be issued and outstanding at any given time is limited to fifty cards. The District's Purchasing Agent will review purchase card usage with the employee prior to issuing the purchase card to the individual. The employee must sign a purchase card usage agreement before they are issued a District purchase card.

Purchase Card Controls

Each staff member who is issued a purchase card will have a customized purchasing parameter attached to his or her card. This purchasing control includes a special spending limit for transactions, total monthly amounts, merchant access, and limitations on product categories or type of items that may be purchased with the assigned card (ex. plumbing, hardware supplies). The maximum purchase per transaction credit limit is $12,000.  This transaction/credit may be lifted temporarily with approval from the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services for special circumstances.  Pre-approval of a purchase where a transaction/credit limit is lifted is required.  All purchase card transactions must conform to District purchasing policy. Each cardholder will be responsible for submitting purchase descriptions accompanied by the original sales receipts to their supervisor for all purchases. Supervisor approval is necessary on every purchase card purchase prior to the District authorizing a payment to the bank.

Card Usage

An employee is not to use the card for personal use. If the card is used for an authorized District conference or trip and an employee incurs a charge on the card that is part District business and part personal, that employee will reimburse the District for the personal expense on the card.

Misuse of the card will result in the immediate revocation of the purchase card by the District Purchasing Agent. Information regarding the misuse of the card will be provided to the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services and to the District's Internal Auditor. The District will inform the Board of Education of any card misuse and will take appropriate disciplinary actions against the employee.