Williamsville Central School District

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Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


District-Owned Cell Phones That are Assigned to Individual Employees
A District-owned cell phone will be issued to Williamsville Central School District employees when required by that employee's job duties, as determined by the employee's supervisor and approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services.

Additionally, the following rules shall apply regarding the use of a District-owned cell phone:

    a) There shall be an annual reimbursement amount made to the District for personal usage of the phone. The yearly reimbursement amount will be approved by the Board of Education at their Annual Reorganization Meeting. The District reserves the right to charge employees for additional cell phone usage above the District's monthly calling plan limit if it is determined that the overage is the result of excessive personal phone usage.

    b) The cell phone may not be used by anyone other than the District employee to whom the phone has been issued unless such usage is for an emergency situation.

    c) Long distance phone calls made at any time shall be work related or as a result of an emergency. If the calls are not work related additional reimbursement to the District from the employee may be requested by the District.

    d) If a District administrator is assigned a cell phone as a result of their employment contract, the terms stated in the employment agreement take precedence over this policy.

    e) Cell phone issuance is in effect until it is determined by the District that the employee no longer requires usage of the phone; employee voluntarily returns the phone to the District or the person ceases to be an employee of the District.

Use of Cell Phone While Operating a Motor Vehicle
A hands-free device must be used when using a District cell phone while operating a motor vehicle provided that the device is not prohibited by New York State law.

District-Owned Pagers That are Assigned to Individual Employees
A pager is issued to a staff employee when it is considered essential for them to complete their work. Personal usage of the pager is not permitted. Inappropriate use of the pager will result in disciplinary actions per Human Resource policies and by following the procedures stated in contractual employment agreements.