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Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


Requests for Transportation to and from Nonpublic School Students
Students transported to out of district schools may be required to gather at designated pickup points from which they will be transported, or they may be required to ride regular school bus routes to designated pickup points or transfer points.

Transportation to out of district schools will not be provided when:

  1. Williamsville Schools are closed due to inclement weather or general emergency.
  2. The public school district in which the out of district school is located, or any other public school district on the route to this district, has closed its school due to inclement weather or other general emergency.
  3. The Williamsville Schools are closed for legal holidays; transportation will be provided during winter and spring recess except for any legal holidays falling during these periods.
The District will provide one trip to, and one trip from, each out of district school per school day, except when otherwise required by law.

A bus may be routed to more than one out-of-district school.

The District will not provide transportation for students attending out of district summer school programs, except where required by law.

Procedure for Making Transportation Requests
The parent or person in parental relation of a parochial or private school child residing in the District who desires his or her child to be transported to a parochial, private, or charter school outside of the District during the next school year, must submit a written request to the Board no later than April 1 of the preceding year, or within 30 days of moving into the District.  The District will publish the April 1 date in its schoo calendar and/or local newspaper as a reminder to parents of this deadline.  Late requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  A late request may be approved if there is a reasonable explanation for the delay and is not out of compliance with the applicable New York State regulations and law that pertain to this item.  Forgetfulness or lack of knowledge of this policy or the law will not be deemed a resonable explanation.

Transportation to Nonpublic Schools on Holidays
The District will share its calendar and start and dismissal times with nonpublic schools before the start of the school year.  The District is not required to provide transportation to nonpublic schools on ddays on which the District's schools are not in session.

Transportation for Nonpublic School Students with Disabilities who are Parentally Placed
For students with disabilities ages 5 through 21) who are parentally placed in nonpublic schools outside their district of residency, if special education services are to be provided to a student at a site other than the nonpublic school, the school district of location is responsible for providing the special education services.

The district of residence remains responsible to provide transportation to parentally placed nonpublic school students from the student's home to the nonpublic school.

Transportation of Students with Disabilities
Transportation of students with disabilities in the District may not exceed  50 miles one way from the student's home to the appropriate special service or program, unless the Commissioner certifies that no appropriate nonresidential special service or program is available within 50 miles. In that event, the Commissioner may then establish transportation arrangements.

Student Information
The Transportation Supervisor will maintain the following information about each student with a disability beign transported:
  1. Student's name;
  2.    Nature of the Student's disabilit
  3.    Name of the Student's parent, guardian, or person in parental relation and one or more telephone         numbers where that person can be reached in an emergency; and/or
  4. Name and telephone numer of any other person designated by such parent, guardiabnn, or person in parental relation who can be contacted in an emergency.
This information will be used solely for the purpose of contacting the student's parent, guardian, person in parental relation, or designee in the event of an emergency involving the student, will be kept n a manner which retains the privacy of the student, and will not be accessible to any person other than the driver or a teacher acting in a supervisory capacity.  In the event that the driver or teacher is incapacitated, this information may be accessed by any emergency service provider.
This information will be updated as needed, but at least once each school year and will be destroyed if parent consent is revoked, the student no longer attends the shool, or the disability no longer exisits.

Fire Extinguishers
School buses manufactured on or after January 1, 1990 fueled with other than diesel fuel and used to transport three or more students who use wheelchairs or other assistive mobility devices or with a total capacity of more than eight passengers and used to transport these students will be equipped with an engine fire suppression  system.

School buses manufactured on or after September 1, 2007 fueled with diesel fuel and used to transport three or more students who use wheelchairs or other assistive mobility devices or with a total capacity of more than eight  passengers used to transport such students shall be equipped with an automatic engine fire suppression system.

School buses will also be equipped with at least one hand fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency.

Non-resident families must provide their own transportation.

Transportation of Non-Resident Students
Non-resident families must provide their own transportation

Transportation to School Sponsored Events
Where the District has provided transportation to students enrolled in the District to a school sponsored field trip, extracurricular activity, or any other similar event, it will also provide transportation back to either the point of departure or to the appropraiet school in the District unless a student's parent or legal guardian has provided the District with written notice, consistent with District policy, authorizing an alternative form of return transportation for the student.  In cases where intervening circumstances make transportation of a student back to the point of departure or to the apporpriate school in the District impractical, and the parent has not aurthorized alternative return transportation, a representative of the District will remain with the student until the student's parent or legal guardian has been contacted and informed of the intervening circumstances and the student has been delivered to his or her parent.

Transportation in Personal Vehicles
Personal cars of teachers and staff shall not be used to transport students except in the event of extenuating circumstances and authorized by the administration.

Transportation to Child Care Locations
Students in kindergarten through eighth grade may be transported to childcare locations within the attendance area of the school that they attend, or may be transported to a licensed or registered (pursuant to Section 390 of Social Services Law) day care center or school-age child care program within the District.

Students with handicapping conditions or disabilities who are placed by the Committee on Special Education in classes located outside the District, or in classes located within the District but outside of their normal attendance area, may be transported to a childcare program located within the District which is specifically designated for children with handicapping conditions and disabilities.

For a student to be eligible for transportation to a childcare location, the parents or legal guardians must comply with the administrative regulations pertaining to such transportation.

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4401(4), 4404 and 4405
Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 375(20)(1) and 375(21-i)


  • Refer also to Policy #7131 -- Education of Homeless Children and Youth
Adopted: 7/709
Revised Policy Adopted: 9/13/16