Williamsville Central School District

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Students with Disabilities

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
7000 - Students


The Board of Education will provide appropriate special education and related services to students with disabilities. For those students for whom an appropriate education requires that they be placed together for purposes of special education, the following guidelines shall apply:

  • That each student with a disability shall be identified, evaluated and placed as determined by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).
  • The CSE shall determine written goals for each student with a disability by considering the special and individual needs of each student with a disability.
  • The CSE shall recommend to the Board of Education appropriate educational programs and services for each student with a disability based upon the CSE evaluation. Short term instructional objectives and/or benchmarks will be developed for each preschool student with a disability and for students who take New York State alternate assessments.
  • The CSE shall provide information to those teachers and professionals who arrange instructional groups for students with disabilities. Information shall include physical, psychological and social information as well as achievement test results.
  • The curriculum and instruction provided to students with disabilities who are grouped by similarity of needs shall be consistent with the individual needs of each student in the group.
  • Students with disabilities may be grouped according to:
  1. Academic achievement, functional performance and learning characteristics;
  2. Social development;
  3. Physical development; and
  4. Management needs.
  • When grouping students by similarity of needs, the social needs or physical development of a student shall not be the sole determinant for placement of a student in a special education program.
  • The management needs of such students may vary, provided that environmental modifications, adaptations, or human or material resources required to meet the needs of any one student in the group are provided and do not consistently detract from the opportunities of other students in the group to benefit from instruction.
New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Sections 200.2(b)(3) and 200.6(a)(3)