Williamsville Central School District

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Elementary & Secondary Instruction

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
8000 - Instruction


In addition to the regular high schools, the District shall offer an alternative instruction model (AIM) program for students whose needs are not being met in the traditional high school.

AIM provides students who have met with limited success in their high school experience a unique environment designed to help them develop positive attitudes toward self, school and learning. A positive school climate emphasizes participation, respect, caring and trust. Methods include increased student-teacher, student-counselor contact, flexibility in scheduling and staffing and use of physical facilities, varied instructional techniques, and community, family and work oriented experiences. The students, in turn, must be willing to make a commitment to complete their high school education.

It is expected that students who are successful in the AIM program will return to their original school.

No student will be assigned to an alternative school program as punishment for a disciplinary infraction. However, a Building Principal may recommend that a student be referred to the program, if, in the principal's judgment, the student's conduct, including discipline problems, raises a question as to the student's ability to benefit from the regular school program. Such placements shall be approved by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.