Principal's Message


 Dear Parents and Guardians, 

 We are well under way!  After an unusually cool start to the school year, we managed to survive the sweltering heat of late September.  Special thanks to our teachers for doing a great job keeping their students focused and productive under difficult circumstances.  I think it's safe to say we are ready for fall weather. 

 Our Summer Reading and Summer Math Programs were a huge success.   We had a Summer Reading Celebration culminating with the dunk tank.  (What fun!)  This year we added a Summer Math Celebration.  We had a Math Wall of Fame, a Math VIP Lounge, and a Summer Math Participants vs. Faculty Tricycle Race.  (I'm still laughing!)  

 Our PTA continues to be an amazing group of parents!  We had record numbers at our first PTA meeting of the year.  Let’s keep the momentum going!   It was great to hear from our Superintendent about the goals and direction of the District for the future.  Our PTA has added a Diversity Chairperson as part of its Executive Board.  How thrilling to be able to have a member of the PTA Executive Committee who will be sure to advocate for all of the many families that enrich our school.   Special thanks to our PTA for hosting a Community Day on Saturday, September 30.   We cleaned up both courtyards and planted some new plants.   In the future, we are hoping to add some signs for the different flora found in our courtyards that will contain a QR code.   Students will be able to access the courtyards as an outdoor learning space and use technology to scan the codes to learn more about the nature surrounding us.  It can't get any more hands on than that!  Thank you to all of our volunteers!  If you have not done so, please consider joining the PTA.  Members’ dues will be increasing soon, so join today! 

 Several concerns have arisen recently about our new pickup procedure at dismissal.  In recent years, both teachers and parents have asked me to review our pickup procedure, with student safety cited as the main concern.  Students were "darting" out to reunite with their parents without following any prescribed procedures.  In the past, we averaged 10 to 15 pick-ups each day, and students reported to the front table where parents signed out their child.  Over the years, the number of students being picked up has grown; we now have more than 60 pickups a day, compromising student safety.  As a result, we made modifications resulting in a longer line forming to pick up students.  While we have made some improvements after the first weeks to keep the line moving quickly, we still need to make adjustments.  To that end, we have formed a Dismissal Pickup Work Group consisting of three teachers, three parents, and myself.  We will be analyzing different ways to improve the system to make the process both safe and convenient for all.  We also are charting the time we are able to “clear the line” of parents.  Thus far, we’ve been able to reunite 60-plus students with their parents in a safe manner in 8 minutes, 11 minutes, and 12 minutes.  Honestly, these times are good considering the number of children being picked up.  Regardless, we still will take a critical look at the process for possible improvements.  

I will be hosting a “Principal’s Chat” at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, October 18, directly before our next PTA meeting for all parents who pick up their child on a regular basis.  At this chat, I hope to provide an update about the committee’s work.  I also will be open to hearing your ongoing concerns and suggestions.  I apologize for the frustration people are experiencing, and I want to reassure you that we are in partnership to make CP a better place!  Thank you in advance for your help.

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Proudly Your Principal,

Andrew Bowen