Principal's Message


Dear Parents & Guardians,

 Thank you for a wonderful school year.  We’ve strived to provide an environment that encourages, nurtures, and challenges each student.  Our teachers make learning fun, know their students well, and educate the “whole child.”  Special thanks to our PTA.  Working in partnership, we’ve accomplished a great deal.  In addition to the evening activities and the countless in-school opportunities they’ve provided, our PTA created a Diversity Committee, launched a website, sent weekly reminders via email, and have increased PTA membership.  It is no wonder why the Country Parkway PTA was recognized for our EXCELLENCE in Promoting PTA.  Outstanding job!  Congratulations!

 In a few short weeks, school will be over and summer break will be upon us.  “What can I do with my children in order to keep them engaged in learning over the summer?” is a frequent question that I am asked.  Country Parkway is sponsoring two summer events.

 SUMMER READING:  Reading over the summer is the perfect way for your child to begin to develop early literacy skills and a love of reading!  Our goal is to have all students engaged in reading for at least 20 minutes a day; this includes having a book read to your child(ren)!  If you have not already done so, I encourage you to make reading part of your daily routine.  Have your child spend some time looking at or reading books at their level.  Also, it is critical that you read to your child.  Reading to kids not only exposes them to richer vocabulary than what they hear from adults who speak to them, but they also get the benefit of hearing what good fluent reading sounds like.

 A link to our Summer Reading Flyer and the website to log in your child’s summer reading can be found on the front page of WITS.  Students who read 1,800 minutes over the summer will be given an opportunity to dunk me in a dunk tank in the fall.  What fun!  We need parents’ assistance to log electronically what was read.  The link to log your child’s reading can be found at:   Have fun with your summer reading!  YOU CAN LOG IN YOUR SUMMER READING MINUTES NOW!!!     

 SUMMER MATH CHALLENGE:  We will be using Greg Tang Math as our Summer Math Challenge.  Game boards will be distributed to students before summer break.  Students can go to to complete the activities that are on their game boards.  Start with the first game board that your child received and complete the activities on that game board.  Please sign or initial each square on your child’s game board.  When your child finishes a game board, turn it in to the main office at Country Parkway or your child may turn in all of their completed game boards to their teacher by Friday, September 7.

 After your child completes the first game board, move on to the next game board.  Game boards are on the site listed above or are available on WITS.  Hard copies will also be available in the main office at Country Parkway over the summer.  Rewards will be given to students in the fall who complete game boards. 

 For best results, have your child practice his or her math each day and make it part of their daily summer routine!  It is fine for students to get help from you or someone else if they need it.  They can also move to a harder or easier level of the game to make things more or less challenging. 

Thank you again for all your support this school year.  We’ve all learned and grown together!  Have a safe summer filled with adventure, reading, and learning!  See you in September!

 Proudly Your Principal,

 Andrew Bowen