Williamsville Central School District

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NY Teacher Center Events


New York State Teacher Centers offer classes in many local areas.  You are welcome to take teacher center courses from other centers.  Catalogs and flyers will be posted here as they become available. Follow directions on the website or flyer to register.

Fall 2016

University at Buffalo
Online one-credit courses:

Lai 753 (course # 21470) September 6-October 7, 2016
Course Title: "Enrichment Activities for Parents of Elementary Children" 
- description: The purpose of this course is to provide parents of 
elementary-aged children with practical educational enrichment 
activities. This course will explore ways to engage children in 
cognitively complex tasks while building on foundational knowledge and 

LAI 754 (course #21512) October 10-Nov. 11, 2016
Course Title; "Maximizing Learning for Children in Every Environment" - 
description: This course is designed to help parents and guardians of 
elementary children convert everyday experiences into meaningful and 
organized learning connections. Locating appropriate educational 
environments and making the most of the learning opportunities will be 

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