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Principal Message


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Williamsville East High School. The anticipation of school starting always brings with it excitement and apprehension for parents, students and staff alike. But I can assure you that the role I play as Principal will always be to put students first. Our goal is to provide students with a challenging, well-rounded education encompassing a myriad of opportunities.

We are proud to provide over 130 courses to approximately 1050 students.  There is a broad range of offerings to meet the differing needs, abilities and interests of our students.  We also offer opportunities in fine arts, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that provide students the ability to develop talents and explore areas of interests that contribute to a comprehensive high school program.

I want to remind and emphasize that the expectation and focus of striving to achieve excellence is important; not just academically. Character traits that include Trying your best, recognizing that Others are important, Respect for yourself and others, Caring for yourself and others, and Honesty in all you do will keep the doors of opportunity wide open for you. Let’s make CARRYING the TORCH a reflection of who we are as citizens of East High School.

We, at EHS, have come to expect great things from our students, not just academically, but in all areas.  Work hard, work with others and work to the best of your ability.  A successful student is one who achieves his or her potential.  Strive for more, and you are assured a great year.

You have a wonderful opportunity ahead of you to achieve, succeed and make this year your best yet.  All of us at East wish you a happy and successful year.


Anthony Scanzuso, Principal