Williamsville Central School District

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Emergency School Closings

School closings due to inclement weather or other situations will be announced on social media, local radio and television stations; posted on the district website; and communicated via e-Alert to subscribers.

The decision to close schools in weather-related situations will normally be made by the superintendent by 6 a.m. The safety of students and staff is the basis for any decision. Key factors that must be considered include current and projected weather conditions; road conditions; and, at times, temperature and wind chill factors: health officials recommend that the district consider closing schools if the wind chill is expected to fall to minus-25 F or lower.

When schools are closed due to inclement weather, local television stations (Channels 2, 4, 7 and TWC) will be notified as well as the following radio stations: WBEN-AM (930); WNED-AM (970); WJYE-FM (96.1); WKSE-FM (98.5); WTSS-FM (102.5); and WGR-FM (96.6)

If schools are closed because of bad weather, all other activities including athletic practices and contests, student activities, and Community Education classes will be cancelled. If schools are closed for other reasons, activities and sports that are not affected by the specific situation may be permitted with prior approval of the building principal.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to make the final decision regarding school attendance. If schools are open but parents feel the weather is too severe, they have the right to keep their child(ren) home. In this instance, it is essential that the parent contact the school to alert them of their child(ren)’s absence and to make arrangements for missed school work.

Closing during the school day

On rare occasions it may be necessary to close a school during the day due to loss of power, loss of water or other emergent situations. If this occurs, procedures are in place to transport students to another building, if necessary. Students and staff would remain at the alternate site until the regular dismissal time. A pre-established program of instruction would be implemented.

Parents are reminded to provide the school office with up-to-date emergency contact information. Also, families are encouraged to have a plan in place should students be dismissed early because of an unanticipated emergency. Your children should be familiar with a safe alternate site (e.g. neighbor’s house) where they may go in the event that you are not home. Please make sure your child's school has updated emergency contact information for the current year!


The District’s e-Alert System service allows parents, students, faculty, staff and community members to sign up to receive email and text messages about school or district-related emergency information. In the event there is a need to communicate regarding a school emergency or school closing, the system enables us to rapidly communicate to all subscribers. You can register on-line by clicking HERE or on the e-Alert banner on the homepage. e-Alert is an opt-in  service; you may opt out at any time by revising your information on the website. Please note that any cell provider text messaging rates may apply.