Build, draw, create, imagine, think!

In the Library we believe in exposing students to a variety of books and stories, as well as hands-on activities and free play.

After the class activity or lesson is done and it's time to check out books, students can choose from a variety of different Maker Space stations:

  • Art  :  This station has paper, coloring books, gel pens, markers, pencils, crayons, and rulers.
  • Story Blocks :  Wooden and magnetic building blocks of different shapes, colors, and patterns.
  • Legos :  Assorted traditional Legos and Minecraft, with a special shelf to display creations!
  • K'Nex :  Fun kits with gears, pulleys, and all kinds of bits and pieces to build your own objects.
  • Bamboozles : Brain-teaser puzzles made from wood or bamboo - super challenging!
  • Ozobots :  Practice coding sequences by drawing a route for a little Ozobot to follow.
  • Snap Circuits :  Learn to build a circuitboard by following step-by-step projects and ideas!

WOW!  We have some great hands-on activities in the Library!