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A Message From Dr. Stafford

 Dear Heim Elementary Families:

Our first trimester of school will be coming to a close this month. As we begin the second thirteen (13) weeks of school, we ask that you continue to provide established homework/reading time each day. It is crucial that a child read daily during the week to increase fluency, accuracy, comprehension and vocabulary. Daily reading that starts in the early grades will lead to success in the upper grades and in other subject areas as well. Help us make the most of this upcoming thirteen (13) weeks for your child. It is easier to keep up with things than to play “catch up” later on. It is common for children to be unmotivated about reading if they don’t like it or struggle with it. What are some things you can do if your child doesn’t like to read? 

• Talk about reading. Talk with your son about why you value education. Tell him he will use reading to learn all kinds of different subjects. You can also ask him about jobs he might like to do someday. Then help him see how doing well in school can help him achieve his dreams.  

• Create a contract. Establish a regular reading time and set limits on screen time. Then, consider awarding your child one point for every day he does his reading without a fuss. Once he gets a certain number of points in a row (at least two weeks’ worth), he earns a small reward.  

• Give him appealing things to read. What does he love? There are bound to be books and websites about it. Ask the librarian for ideas. You might also encourage your child to write his own article on the subject.  

• Praise his efforts. “You hit an unfamiliar word and kept on reading. And you figured the word out from what was around it. Great strategy!” 

(Source: Parent Institute of Paperclip Media, Inc.) 

We will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd. On behalf of the faculty and staff at Heim Elementary School, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. 



Dr. Bonnie L. Stafford