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Spelling Word Practice

Spelling City

You can go online to practice our weekly spelling words.


Click on this week's Spelling Unit (below) to go to the Spelling City web site.

You will notice three options for practicing your spelling words:

Teach Me: This button with take you to a page that will help you learn the weekly words.  By clicking the arrows you can go through the entire list.  The word will be pronounced for you, spelled and used in a sentence.

Play a Game: This button will take you to many games that help you build your spelling skills.  When you choose a game, some or all of this week's spelling words will become part of the game.  Let me know which games are the best!

Test Me:   When you think you know the words, you can test yourself online.  Click on Test Me and then click on Say It to hear the word.  You should also click on Sentence to hear the words used in a sentence.  The test includes all the weekly words, including the Review and Challenge words.