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72. Name one career for each letter of the alphabet.  

A HUGE list of careers

73. Name the birthstones for each month.   Birthstones
74. Name 20 different modes of transportation.   Modes of Transportation
75. Name 15 breeds of horses.   Horse Breeds of the World
76. Name 15 breeds of dogs. Dog Breeds from A.K.C.
77. Name 12 winter or summer Olympic events.  

Olympic Events

78 Name 10 large U.S. corporations.   Career Lab - Corporate Clients
79. Name 10 instruments in a marching band.   Instrument Encyclopedia
80. Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra.   Sounds from the Orchestra
81. Name 10 football teams and their cities.   National Football League
82. Name 10 basketball teams and their cities.   National Basketball Association
83. Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.   Major League Baseball
84. Name 10 hockey teams and their cities.  National Hockey
85. Name 10 National Parks National Parks Website
86. Name 10 colleges and their states Colleges Website