Williamsville Central School District

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STARFALL  Starfall helps to teach children to read with phonics and phonemic awareness activities.  This site contains practice books and printable worksheets on various topics.
Sound_Match  Help Clifford sort pictures according to their initial sounds. 
Fuzzy  Interactive games to help with phonemic awareness activities.
Picture_Match  Interactive game that allows the student to work with beginning sounds, long, and short vowels using pictures.
missing letter  Missing Letters of the Alphabet allows students to fill in the missing letter.
letters and pictures  Letters and Pictures allows students to identify the matching initial sound to a picture.
letter blends  Letter Blends allows students to identify the matching initial blend to a picture.
chicken coop  Chicken Coop is an interactive game for initial sounds.
lamb  Lanolin's Greenhouse focuses on initial sound substitution.
lion  Pounce! Can you find the correct word?
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