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Easy and quick access.  Count up or down!  Use the sound effects for motivation!
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Random Number Gererator

Pick as many numbers you need and allow this tool to generate a random number.


Type is words to create word clouds.  Multiple words will appear larger than others.  Change color and layout of your wordle.

Create a word cloud.  Not as many controls as Wordle, but easy for the younger students.


Type any word or phrase and generate it animated in numerous colors and styles.  This easily copies into SMART notebook.

Popplet is a platform for your presentations.  Think of it as; Inspritation & Glogster together.  You need an email address for a free account.

Smart Exchange

Find lesson plans for your SMART Board and connect with teachers.
Educator Resource Center

Smart lessons, download tests, cross curricular.  Teaching made easy!


Hundreds of worksheets.  Millions of combinations. Educational materials made right now, to your specifications.

Bubble Test Form Generator - Answer Sheets

Fancy Font Maker-FREE

Download numerous types of font.  Search by theme.

Teacher Assessments/Rubrics Made Easy

Make free rubrics using set categories or create your own. No log-in required, but optional for saving online. Writing 6+1 rubrics, lab reports, it has it all.

Use the Graphic Organizer Maker to create customized graphic organizer worksheets. Choose from concept maps, KWHL charts, Venn diagrams, timelines, cycles, and more. If this is your first time using the Graphic Organizer Maker, click the New button to begin.

Create a quick certificate for your students choosing from several templates.

Create a checklist for any project your students are working on.

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