engineering 1

Watch us learn the process of engineering!

In the first session of Engineering Adventures, we learned that engineers solve problems.  We had to build towers that were at least 10 inches tall using only index cards and masking tape.  The towers had to be stable and strong enough to support Froggy for at least 10 seconds!

Photo Feb 02, 3 01 07 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 01 16 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 01 31 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 01 38 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 01 46 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 01 54 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 01 59 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 02 06 PMPhoto Feb 02, 3 02 21 PM

Next, we learned about wheels and axles in preparation for building our recycled racers.  We used different materials to build the wheels and axles, and tested them on ramps to see which designs and materials worked the best.


Our next step was to design our recycled racers and make a shopping list.  We went to the Scrap Market and picked up what we needed.  Here we are working on our racers...IMG_8343IMG_8348IMG_8344IMG_8347IMG_8349IMG_8350IMG_8351IMG_8353

Racers are done, and now it's time to play!  Great job everyone!