Predator and Prey Project

In 4th grade science class, the students have been learning about food chains and webs, predator/prey relationships, and terms like "carnivore", "omnivore" and "herbivore". In the library, the students did a project to correlate with that work. For this project, the students researched animals. Some focused on animals that would be considered predators, while others focused on prey animals. Using books and encyclopedias, the students found out the size and diet of their subjects. Our main focus, however, was on the animals' physical adaptations and behaviors that would either help them be successful predators or (in the case of prey) help them stay alive. Once our research was complete, we drew our animals and used the Chatterpix app to present what we learned. Click on the drawings below to see our projects!

 Mrs. Armstrong's Class
Quinn (1)

 Mrs. Coppola's Class

 Mrs. Fitscher's Class
 Mrs. Foster's Class
 Mrs. Pope's Class


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