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Dignity for All Students Act

In support of our district Wellness Initiative of Bullying Prevention and DASA regulations, the building  has organized the following activities to bring awareness and attention to the issue of bullying.

The Maple West Wellness Committee has worked hard to plan a number of activities. These activities are intended (or designed) as a “kick-off” for an on-going focus on Bullying Prevention and Character Education.               

On October 25th, presentations addressing bullying and positive, respectfully relationships will be  given by Mrs. Parker, School Social Worker and Dr. Galluzzo to 3rd and 4th graders.  Similarly themed presentations are offered in grades K-2 by the classroom teachers.

Mrs. Parker and Dr. Galluzzo are also available to visit 1st and 2nd  grade classrooms in the afternoon to read a story and lead a discussion on bullying.        

In the days that follow, each teacher will lead a discussion with their class of this statement/question.

“ The End of Bullying Begins With Me….. What will I do to end bullying?”

On October 25th, the building will demonstrate their united commitment to the mission to end bullying by having a “ Maple West Unity Celebration”. After announcements each class or grade will be called to line up and come to the front hallway. All students will connect to form a “ human chain” and a “ unity circle “ in the parking lot. To view a slide show from our Unity Day Celebration, please click HERE.

In addition to the planned activities on Oct 25th the students and staff at Maple West Elementary will celebrate ways in which we practice good citizenship throughout the year through a variety of activities.  These activities include food and clothing items for the less fortunate, letter writing campaign to our troops overseas,  booster club initiatives focusing on respect and good citizenship and lunch with the principal for students who show good character and kindness to others.

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