Elapsed Time

Elapsed time is the amount time that has passed, usually between a given starting time and an ending time.   It helps some people to visualize, or imagine, a clock.  

Please try some of the links below to practice elapsed time in seconds, minutes, and hours.


Related Links

  • Elapsed Time Multiple Choice Quiz  This is an on-line multiple choice quiz. Read the word problems and find the answer in hours and minutes. If you click on the correct box, a smiley face will show up. If you choose the wrong box a sad face will show up.
  • Time-What time is it?  In this game you move the hands on an analog clock to match the amount of elapsed time indicated from the word problem. It will tell you if you are correct or need to try again.
  • How Much Time Has Passed?  In this on-line quiz you will be shown two digital times. You need to tell the correct amount of time that passed from the fist clock to the second clock in hours and minutes. You will be given three multiple choice answers. If you choose the correct answer you will receive a smiley face. If you choose the wrong answer you will receive a sad face and it will show you the correct answer. There are 10 questions.
  • Teaching Clock  You can use this clock as a manipulative while working on an elapsed time question. There is a button to move it by minutes or seconds.