A fraction is a part of a whole. The number written on the bottom part of the fraction is called the denominator.  It tells how many parts the whole is divided into.  The number written on the top part of the fraction is called the numerator.  It tells how many "parts" you have.
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  • Bowling for Fractions  This is a fun game where you click to create a fraction and then fill in the numerator and denominator to match the fraction you created. You may even type in equivalent fractions. If you are correct, you will earn a bowling pin. When incorrect it will ask you to try again. When you reach ten correct it will bowl over your earned pins.
  • Mr. Anker's Test Adding Fractions  This is a multiple choice test for adding fractions. I like that it gives you pictures to look at. This will help you visualize what you are adding. If you answer correctly it will say correct. If you answer a question incorrectly it will ask you to try again. It will keep track of your score and give you a letter grade as well as a percentage at the end.
  • Singing Whale Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators Tutorial  This is a tutorial that will show you how to add fractions with unlike denominators. It will go step by step and show you the steps needed to make the denominators the same so you may add. Check it out!
  • Adding Fractions on Math Playground  In this math program you will practice adding fractions with unlike denominators. It will give you the two fractions to add. You will need scrap paper to work them out. If you are correct it will congratulate you. If you answer incorrectly, it will give you the correct answer and a new question.
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions Board Game  This is a fun board game you can play with friends. First you roll a die, then you draw a card with a fraction question on it, and last you select the correct answer from the multiple choice list. You will want to have a piece of scrap paper with you to work out the problems.
  • Fractions Jeopardy  In this game you have to add and subtract like and unlike fractions, as well as multiply and divide fractions. You will want to have a scrap piece of paper with you to work them out.
  • Fraction Lesson  This is an interactive math lesson about fractions.
  • Interactive Fraction Lessons  This is a link a page of links about fraction lessons. There are lessons on adding fractions, comparing fractions, converting fractions, dividing fractions, multiplying fractions, and reducing fractions.
  • Fresh Baked Fractions  FUNBRAIN will show you four fractions. Click on the fraction that is not equal to the others. You may choose which level of difficulty you would like to play. There is easy, medium, or hard.
  • Soccer Shootout  This is a fun way to practice fractions. You will need a scrap paper to work out the problems. You score and save by correctly answering math problems. You may choose the operation and difficulty. Remember to reduce.
  • Turkey Terminator Fraction Game  You look at the picture and fill in the numberator and denominator of a fraction. You will win pies to throw at the turkeys running by. Have fun!
  • Ordering Fractions  This is a fun game where you order fractions from least to greatest. The game will give you 5 fractions and you drag them into order.
  • Fraction Frenzy  This is a fun game to practice fractions. It will display a group of fractions on the screen. You must match the equivalent fractions by touching them with your mouse. Continue until all fractions have been cleared. See if you can beat your score. It's one of my favorites!