Williamsville Central School District

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Cold Weather Prep

The safety of students and staff is the basis for any decision to close schools due to weather-related conditions.

Generally, school districts, including Williamsville, follow guidelines and recommendations set by the NYS Health Department when it comes to closing school due to especially cold temperatures. Per the state guidelines, when sustained wind chills are -25 degrees or below, schools will be closed. However, local superintendents must take other factors into consideration when making the decision to close schools. Key factors include driving conditions (e.g. icy pavement, blowing snow and poor visibility); the ability to get buses started and running on time; and how many students walk to school. Bus transportation is available to all Williamsville students whereas other local districts may have more walkers, which would certainly factor into their decision-making.

If at any time during extreme weather conditions a parent believes it is unsafe for their child to attend school, they should keep the child home. The district will regard this action as a legal absence.

The Centers for Disease Control offers tips on how to keep your child safe during extreme cold. Click on Cold Weather Considerations Q and A to find the information on the district website.