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Up to the Minute

With the start of the 2017-18 school year comes many new faces, features, and goals. 

New School Administrators
We are pleased to introduce our new school administrators at Casey Middle, Mill Middle, and North High.

Dobmeier head shot  Peter Dobmeier
  Principal, Casey Middle School

 Mr. Dobmeier was named Principal at Casey Middle School in July, 2017.  Mr. Dobmeier  had  been the Assistant Principal at Casey for six years.  Prior to his role at  Casey, Mr.  Dobmeier  was an English teacher for seven years and the Dean of Students at Sweet  Home High  School.

McDuffie headshot  Chris McDuffie
  Acting Assistant Principal, Casey Middle 

  Mr. McDuffie has been appointed Acting Assistant Principal at Casey Middle School for  the  2017-18 school year.  Mr. McDuffie served as a Physical Education/Health teacher at  Casey  for four years and previously taught at Transit Middle School for two years. 

 Weir headshot Hillary Weir 
  Assistant Principal, Mill Middle School

  Mrs. Weir was appointed Assistant Principal at Mill Middle School in August, 2017.  Prior  to  her appointment with WCSD, Mrs. Weir taught middle school science, was the  Assistant  Principal at Depew High School for one year, and the Dean of Students at  Depew Middle  School for four years.

 Lehmbeck headshot Jason Lehmbeck
  Assistant Principal, North High School

  Mr. Lehmbeck was named Assistant Principal at North High School in June, 2017.  Mr.  Lehmbeck had been an Assistant Principal at Fairport High School for two years and was  previously a high school PE/Health teacher with the Fairport CSD for 18 years. 


2017-18 District Goals

  • Begin to gather feedback from Williamsville Central School District stakeholder groups in order to focus on priorities for the future in an organized and systematic way.

  • Continue with efforts to expand and enhance the Williamsville Central School District instructional coaching model.
  • Explore and implement enhancements to professional development models and opportunities for teachers, staff, administrators, and parents.
  • Further develop and facilitate increased opportunities for student learning, creativity, and engagement at all levels of instruction.

Exceptional Education and Student Services

  • Review and enhance special education programming and instructional practices to facilitate student learning within the least restrictive environment.
  • Continue to expand wellness, social-emotional learning, and student health and safety initiatives.
  • Further explore supports and structures to facilitate inclusive social systems and culturally responsive learning environments.

Technology Services

  • Pending approval by NYSED, move forward with the implementation of the Smart Schools Bond Act and all associated elements.
  • Further explore evolving technology infrastructure, security, professional development and staffing needs.
Human Resources

  • Leadership transition with the new Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, including the continuation of the positive culture of the Human Resources Office.
  • Review and improve the hiring process for teachers and administrators.
  • Review the changes in the structure of the extra-curricular activities including the selection process and pay schedule.
Non-Instructional Support Operations

  • Continue to provide management control and oversight of the 2015 Facility Improvement capital project and the 2015 Athletic Field capital projects so that the work is completed according to the approval plans and specifications.
  • Implement the project work associated with the cooperative partnership between the District and the New York Power Authority for the energy savings initiatives as soon as the District receives approval from the New York State Education Department.
  • Provide detailed financial information related to audit, reserve funding, and budget development that allows for the development of an appropriate budget for the 2018-19 school year that supports the Williamsville Central School District’s education programs.
  • Initiate a review of our professional services that may result in the issuance of Request for Proposals for specific services as selected by the District.

Social Media
Over the past year, the Williamsville Central School District has increased its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Beginning the 2017-18 school year,  the district operates 18 Twitter accounts, one Facebook page and one YouTube channel.  You will find that these accounts act as an immediate source of information, detailing upcoming events, important announcements, and highlighting student life.  

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