Williamsville Central School District

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Annual District & Board Goals

The following Board and District goals were established for the 2018-19 school year and adopted by the Board of Education on August 7, 2018.

2018-19 Board of Education Goals

We understand that the mission of the Board is to serve the community by providing quality education for our students, and we adopt the following goals and activities for 2018-19.

Foster and enhance relationships while continuing to improve two-way communications with students, families, staff, and community stakeholders.

Provide the optimal environment for learning, creativity and engagement by supporting the fundamental educational needs for all students. 

Support physical, mental and emotional needs of students by providing necessary, appropriate resources for wellness programs and initiatives.

Identify and implement best practices.

  • Oversee a fiscally responsible budget that upholds the mission and values of the school community.
  • Oversee the 2018 Capital Project to enhance district facilities and increase New York State aid to the Williamsville Central School District. 

2018-19 District Goals
Review Districtwide efforts for stakeholder feedback in order to refine District initiatives.

  • Continue to identify and implement increased opportunities for students in an effort to enhance their instructional program as well as their overall educational experience.
  • Examine best practice and research regarding academic progress and communication with families to identify common expectations and implementation of effective practices to enhance the manner in which student understanding is assessed and conveyed to parents/guardians.
  • Reflect upon and explore the Response to Intervention and Academic Intervention processes and identify enhancements to these models.
Exceptional Education and Student Services
  • Continue to implement "best practices" and enhance programming in the areas of social-emotional competencies, mental and physical health, wellness and student services.
  • Continue to facilitate expanded safety planning efforts, school climate initiatives, culturally responsive education and the focus upon inclusive school communities.
  • Remain committed to the effective implementation of special education programming to include successful models of service delivery, expanded professional development opportunities and the provision of appropriate instructional modifications, accommodations, scaffolding and behavioral supports.
Technology Services
  • Continue to explore and enhance infrastructure and staffing, professional development opportunities and technology integration, implementation and access.
  • Implement the District Technology Plan to address evolving District technology needs and meet all requirements as established by the New York State Education Department necessary to obtain plan approval.
  • Initiate a review process for the potential replacement of the District's external fiber.
Human Resources
  • Work with Hiring Practices Rules and Procedures Committee to publish and implement revised hiring practices.
  • Establish Administrative Hiring Practices Committee.
  • Review implementation of online course program for effectiveness.
  • Complete audit of extra-curricular activities and establish a revised process for annual reviews and pay structure.
  • Ensure compliance with Janus v. AFSCME ruling.  Meet with all union groups and establish procedures for implementation.
Non-Instructional Support Operations
  • Develop a new Smart Bonds project plan that addresses physical school building security needs.
  • Continue to provide management control and oversight of the 2015 Facility Improvement capital project so that the work is completed according to the approved plans and specifications.
  • The District continues to complete the required action steps needed for the 2018 Capital Project.
  • Provide Supervisors who have recently transitioned to their position with guidance and support that improves their understanding of their responsibilities and role in the Williamsville Central School District.