Williamsville Central School District

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2021 Board of Education Candidate Information

This year, six candidates are vying for three positions in the Williamsville Central School District School Board election, including two incumbents.  The District vote will take place on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Williamsville North High School gymnasium.

Information on how to request an absentee ballot is available here: Absentee Ballot Information

The highest three vote recipients on May 18, 2021, will each be elected for a term of three years beginning July 1, 2021, and concluding June 30, 2024.   Candidates provided information to the District Clerk about why they were seeking re-election/election to the school board.   

These are the candidates and the order in which they appear on the ballot:

Board of Education – Candidate Information

1A – Eric Borenstein (Incumbent)

2A – Maureen Poulin

3A – Shawn P. Lemay (Incumbent)

4A – Dr. Swaroop S. Singh

5A – Rev. Terry King

6A – Dr. Michael J. Littman

1A – Eric Borenstein (Incumbent)

Occupation: Retired Arts Administrator

Years resident in the Williamsville School District: 28

Activities/Hobbies: Music (songwriting/arranging/recording), woodworking, community volunteer

Other Boards served or currently serving on:

WCSD-Board of Education 2018-Present
The Tool Library

Reasons for seeking  re-election:

As a proud member of the Williamsville community for over 25 years, I am first and foremost motivated to ensure that students receive the same quality education that our daughter Corey received. 

Also I believe that my contributions are valuable because of my background as CEO of large arts organizations.  Focusing on music and the arts as well as longer term strategic initiatives, I will continue my advocacy for activities and initiatives that focus on our place in the greater world including diversity and the environment.

2A – Maureen Poulin

Occupation: Retired Teacher/Counselor/Principal

Years resident in the Williamsville School District: 7


Walking in the Village, reading, baking, needlework, games with grandchildren, cultural and local activities

Reasons for seeking election:

My passion for education began as a child playing school in the garage and extended through a 31 year career as a teacher, counselor, and administrator; known for visionary leadership and creative problem solving. Now retired, with grandsons in the Williamsville School District, I wish to contribute my experience, skills, and passion for education to assist the Williamsville Board of Education in their important work and mission to the community.

3A – Shawn P. Lemay (Incumbent)

Occupation: President/CEO, Sound and Theater/S&T Enterprises of Western New York

Years resident in the Williamsville School District: 20


Spending time with family, traveling, biking, camping, boating, theater, sports

Other Boards served or currently serving on:

WCSD-Board of Education 2015-Present

President 2017-18; 2018-19

Vice-President, 2015-16

Serves as member and chair of many non-profit and professional committees in the IT/AV industry including: Technical Working Group, IT/Networking Task Force, Professional Development Advisory Council and Workforce Development Working Group.

Served on various school and district committees.

Reasons for seeking  re-election:

I would work on a seamless transition this fall, ensuring policies and funding support students’ deficiencies from the COVID-19 pandemic. I plan to continue working for policies and laws that benefit students and teachers. We need to enhance the emotional and physical security of students and strengthen special education. We must implement the best classroom technology and keep student data secure. Student-driven budgets and appropriate smaller class sizes will always be a goal of mine.

4A – Dr. Swaroop S. Singh

Occupation: Sr. Quantitative Analyst

Years resident in the Williamsville School District: 11


Traveling, cooking, badminton, tennis

Other Boards served or currently serving on:

Town of Amherst Youth and Recreation Board

Council for Heritage and Arts of India

India Association of Buffalo

Country Parkway Shared Decision Team

Reasons for seeking election:

Our schools need to create a sense of belonging to all our children. As a parent and a community member, I will advocate for-Diversity and Inclusion programs in our schools. Our school leadership and culture needs to change. To that effect, I will advocate for-Transparency and Accountability in leadership. With my professional, volunteering, board experience and a diverse background, I will bring a unique voice to our school board.

5A – Rev. Terry King

Occupation: C.E.O. Saving Grace Ministries, Inc.

Years resident in the Williamsville School District: 21


boating, skiing, paddle boarding, sports

Other Boards served or currently serving on:

Saving Grace Ministries

Resource Council of WNY, Board Chair

OpOverwatch, Board Chair

Saving Grace Ministries of Tampa Bay, Board Chair

Reasons for seeking election:

As a parent, taxpayer, I seek office for the WCSD BoE. I will work towards the following.

Students regain their voice in education, parents have a legitimate voice in decision making while teachers maintain the dignity of the profession with supports required to carry out the professional standards.

The goal of the BoE must return to policy making, District Leadership accountability with fiscal integrity.

Diversity is actively engaged at the leadership level and across all teaching, educational platforms.

6A – Dr. Michael J. Littman

Occupation: Business Departmental Chair at SUNY Buffalo State 

Years resident in the Williamsville School District: 24

Activities/Hobbies: family, outdoor activities, running/walking, gardening, travel 

Other boards you have served or are currently serving on: 

Williamsville Central School Board of Education 2006-2015  (President 2013-14, 2011-12) (VP 2008- 11) 

Amherst Town Board of Ethics 2015-2025 

Board of Trustees: Morton Lane Federal Credit Union ($63M assets) (President 2020-21) (VP 2017-20)  

Board of Directors: Meals on Wheels For Western New York: Leadership and Quality Improvement Committees (6 year term limit) 2005-2011  

SUNY: Buffalo State College Senator  

UUP (United University Professions) Executive Board Delegate Assembly  

Treasurer: Flying Tigers 69th, D.R.S. of the 14th Air Force Association 2011-2013 

Board of Directors: Flying Tigers 69th, D.R.S. of the 14th Air Force Assoc. 2010-2013 


Member: Williamsville Superintendent’s Advisory Council  2014-2020

Member: Buffalo Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Occupational Education 2012-2020

Board of Education Liaison to Heim Middle, Heim Elementary, PTSA Council, North High School, East High School, and Inter-High Council  2006-2015 

President/VP: Heim Middle School PTSA 2004-2007 

Chair: Membership and American Service to Youth Committee: Heim Middle PTSA 

Chair: Heim Middle Shared Decision Making Team 

Chair: Membership at Williamsville North High School PTSA 


Elected: College Senate Representative from School of the Professions 2020-2023  

Elected: SOP Representative to Intercollegiate Athletics Board 2011-13, 15-21 

College Senate: Budget and Staff Allocation Committee 2019-2021  

Campus Committee on Student Policy and Student Conduct 2017  

Member: Campus Diversity Committee  2015-2018  

Member: SIFOC Diversity Committee 2012-2016  

Member: Faculty Development Advisory Group 2010-2014  

Member: First Year College Experience Strategic Planning Committee 2014  

Member: SIFOC Writing Oversight and Assessment Committee 2012-2016  

Member: SIFOC Oral Communication Committee 2012-2016

Reasons for seeking election:  

Our Williamsville community, students, and teachers expect and deserve better. As a student-focused advocate for excellence/quality education, my previous board experience utilized my leadership skills to incorporate the concerns, needs, values, and priorities of the community into strong, actionable policy/programs benefitting students and teachers. We need to support academic achievement, while providing strong emotional/social health. The Board needs to focus on accountability and transparency for better decision-making; fiscal responsibility, improving culture, two-way communication, not legal issues.