Williamsville Central School District

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Meeting of The Board of Education

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009, Revised: 1/11/2011
1000 - Bylaws


Each regular Board of Education meeting shall be conducted in an orderly manner which provides time for and encourages community involvement. The order of business at each regular meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Public session call to order and roll;
  2. Executive session (If necessary);
  3. Public session call to order, roll, pledge of allegiance, announcements, agenda review;
  4. Recognition;
  5. Consent agenda;
  6. Approval of minutes;
  7. President's report;
  8. Superintendent's report;
  9. Finance;
  10. Liaison reports;
  11. Legislative matters;
  12. Curriculum;
  13. Personnel;
  14. District facilities and support services;
  15. Special needs and student activities;
  16. Committee of the whole;
  17. Correspondence;
  18. Executive Session (If necessary);
  19. Public session;
  20. Adjournment.
The regular order of business may be changed at any meeting (and for that meeting only) by an affirmative vote of a majority and voting for the proposed change in the regular order of business.

Except in emergencies, the Board shall not attempt to decide upon any question under consideration before examining and evaluating relevant information. The Superintendent shall be given an opportunity to examine and to evaluate all such information, and to recommend action before the Board attempts to make a decision.

The Board may adjourn a regular or special meeting at any place in the agenda providing that arrangements are made to complete the items of business on the agenda at a future meeting. The minutes shall make notice of the adjournment, and the reconvened session shall be considered an addition to these minutes.