Williamsville Central School District

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School Community Relations

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
3000 - Community Relations


The Board of Education is committed to fostering and supporting community interest and involvement in the Williamsville Central School District. The Board believes that citizen support of the schools is essential to student success, and affirms the need and obligation to keep the citizens of the District informed about plans, progress, and problems of the public schools.

The Board of Education shall inform the community continuously and accurately about its public schools including the mission, policies, goals, educational programs, emergent issues, and the administrative operation of the District. To this end, the Board of Education shall maintain an effective two-way communication program between the District and its various publics which includes:

  1. Disseminating accurate, timely information about the current state of the District, including both strengths and matters needing improvement;
  2. Adhering to a policy of openness and honesty in communicating with citizens, staff, news media and other organizations;
  3. Encouraging citizens to attend and participate in public Board meetings, providing a variety of means for community members to ask questions and express their views;
  4. Maintaining an effective working relationship with the established news media to help ensure accurate and complete reporting of District news;
  5. Maintaining District and school web sites to provide a means for the public to readily access information and District resources;
  6. Supporting an effective, ongoing internal communications program between the administration and District employees to promote pride and ownership among employees.
The Board recognizes that community relations and public information are responsibilities that it shares with District personnel. The Superintendent shall coordinate the activities of District administrators to ensure their direct involvement in the public information program. Each school, through its faculty and staff, should participate in the dissemination of information to the public and in planning events and social programs aimed at getting the community involved in District activities. The Board of Education shall maintain a Public Information Office to coordinate the District's communications efforts and shall authorize the expenditure of funds for the purpose of preparing and distributing information to the general public.