Williamsville Central School District

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Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


The Williamsville Central School District may provide a District owned vehicle to an employee for use in commuting to and from work. A District vehicle will be assigned to an employee only if it is determined that usage of the District vehicle in this manner is in the best interest of the District.

Rules Relating to District Vehicle Usage

a) The immediate supervisor of the employee must request commuting usage of a District vehicle for the employee. The supervisor must submit a formal request in writing for use of a District vehicle by their employee to the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services. The request must specify why it is in the best interest of the District for this employee to use a District vehicle for his or her commute to and from work. Approval by the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services is required prior to any District vehicle being used for personal commuting.

b) The commuting time consists of the period of time immediately prior to and directly following the employees' work day/shift. A District vehicle may not be used by an employee for their personal use outside of the employee's typical commuting timeframe.

c) An employee who is provided a District vehicle is required to maintain mileage logs for their commute. The mileage logs shall be submitted on a quarterly basis to their supervisor for review and approval. The approved mileage logs must then be forwarded to the Business Office within 15 days of the quarter end.

d) The District will follow all Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations concerning the reporting of personal usage of District vehicles for the employee. The employee will incur a taxable expense that will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service for usage of the vehicle for their personal commute.

e) Inappropriate usage of any District vehicle by an employee will result in revocation of their ability to use the vehicle for their commute and may also lead to disciplinary actions. The District may also revoke vehicle usage if it is determined that the employee has an unsafe driving record. The District will annually review the need for commuting use of all District vehicles.

f) Tobacco use shall not be permitted in all District vehicles, including vehicles used to transport children or school personnel.