Williamsville Central School District

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Non-Instructional Operations

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


The Board of Education has the responsibility to safeguard the District's investment in property and other resources. The Board may protect District officers and employees against financial loss as a result of claims arising from the performance of their assigned duties.

The Board, through the Superintendent of Schools and his/her staff, will maintain a comprehensive insurance program in a manner that takes advantage of all possible economies and that meets all legal requirements and satisfies District needs.

The Board may seek advice from an Insurance Consultant concerning the school system's coverage regarding fire, boiler, general liability, vehicle and student accident insurance.

The Board may set up a reserve in lieu of umbrella policy.

All insurance policies and an inventory of equipment shall be kept in a fireproof depository.

The Superintendent of Schools shall have general knowledge of the provisions of all insurance policies carried by the District. At time of accident or loss, he/she shall see that action is taken necessary to protect the interests of the District.

The Superintendent shall annually review the insurance program for the purpose of recommending to the Board adjustments in coverage resulting from, but not limited to, expansion of the District's risks, relevant new laws, and superseding conditions which make changes in coverage appropriate.

Education Law Sections 1604(6)(7), 1709(8)(8-a)(8-b), 3023, 3028, and 3811
General Municipal Law Sections 6-n, 50-c and 50-e