Williamsville Central School District

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Non-Instructional Operations

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
5000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations


The Williamsville Central School District believes that every effort should be made to conserve energy and our natural resources. We also believe that this commitment will be beneficial to our students and taxpayers where prudent financial management will be aided by energy savings.

The fulfillment of this policy is the joint responsibility of all District stakeholders including the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, students and all support personnel. Cooperation shall be experienced on all levels for the success of this policy. The purpose of the policy will include the following:

  1. An accurate record of energy consumption and cost of energy on a monthly basis will be monitored.
  2. An energy audit may be conducted annually at selected schools in order to obtain recommendations for updating the energy program.
  3. Energy conservation guidelines and procedures will be reported to the Board of Education on an annual basis.
  4. An Energy Monitoring Committee that has staff representation from each school level and administrative area will be established.
 The Energy Monitoring Committee shall ensure that the District pursues energy conservation efforts and practices that continue to preserve our natural resources while providing a safe and comfortable learning environment for all staff and students.

The District shall continue to establish procedures to ensure the conservation of natural resources by personnel at all levels of the school system, which shall include the following practices:

  1. Generation of a system-wide annual resources conservation plan that outlines goals and objectives;
  2. Development of acceptable energy conservation guidelines as outlined in the resource conservation plan;
  3. Continued development and implementation of conservation programs;
  4. Energy studies to verify consumption levels;
  5. Monitoring the general operation and maintenance of all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment;
  6. Procurement and consumption management of natural gas and electricity; and,
  7. Continuing reminders to staff and students of the need for conservation of all natural resources.
  8. District energy levels will comply with applicable State Education Regulations.
  9. All District energy management practices will recognize the importance of maintaining the safety of students and staff.
It is the objective of the District to create a healthy and comfortable learning environment while controlling energy consumption more efficiently and diverting the otherwise rising utility costs towards educational programs. Continued development of energy conservation efforts that proportionately reduce energy consumption in new and existing facilities will be encouraged.

This policy will be reviewed on an on-going basis in accordance with the Board of Education's policy review process.