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Non-Resident Students

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009, Revised: 5/22/2012; 09/08/2015
7000 - Students


The Board of Education affirms that its primary responsibility is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the children who are legal district residents and who are of legal age to attend school.

However, the Superintendent of Schools or designee may grant the approval to permit a non-resident student to enroll in, or continue attending, a district school under any one of the following conditions:

  1. If the parents or guardians of the student submit satisfactory evidence (in accordance with Policy 7130)  to become residents of the district not more than 90 days after the first date of attendance and make the stipulated fee payments(s); or
  2. For one year or less, without fee payment, if the student has only to complete his or her senior year at the time the legal residence changes to one outside the district; or
  3. Until the end of the school year, without fee payment, if, after the beginning of the second semester of the year, the student's legal residence changes to one outside the district; or
  4. Students temporarily residing outside the boundaries of the District, due to relocation necessitated by the call to active military duty of the student's parent or person in parental relationship, will be allowed to attend the public school that they attended prior to the relocation.
The enrollment of a non-resident student may be terminated by the Superintendent for cause.

Temporary Attendance Fee
  1. Fee rates will be calculated annually in accordance with the formula set forth by the Commissioner of Education and adopted by the Board of Education.
  2. Fee deposits made on behalf of a student who becomes a legal resident within 90 days of enrollment will be refunded.
  3. Fee deposits will be used to offset the cost of attendance pursuant to a) above for those who fail to become residents within 90 days of the first date of attendance.
Transportation will not be provided for non-resident students. Parents must arrange to provide for transportation to and from the school as needed.

Reservation of Claims
If it is determined that a student is attending school within the District and is not a resident of the District, the Board will be entitled to recover the cost of tuition along with any related costs (including but not limited to: investigation, legal, and court fees) from the individuals in parental relationship to the student. Fees will be assessed for the entire time period during which the student was not entitled to attend a school within the District.

Tuition Fees
Where applicable, tuition fees are computed according to a formula established by the Commissioner of Education.

Tuition of individual non-resident students shall be computed in advance at the time of enrollment. Methods of payment (e.g., monthly) may be arranged in the District Office and approved by the Superintendent. Non-resident status is contingent upon timely payment of tuition fees as established by the Board of Education.

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8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Section 174.2
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