Williamsville Central School District

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Rights of Non-Custodial Parents


The Board is mindful that various arrangements exist for the care and custody of children residing inthe District.  The District attempts to maintain current family information to help facilitate student safety, proper communication with parents, and appropriate educational programming.  Parents who are divorced, legally separated, or otherwise live apart should supply the District with relevant information and documentation, including custody orders, regarding who is responsible for the custody and care of their child, and who is permitted to make educational decisions for that child.

The District will not release students to a non-custodial parent without the custodial parent's consent.  It is the parent's responsibility to inform the District if and when the child may be released to individuals other than the custodial parent in a form acceptable to the District.

Refer to Policies
  • # 7130 - Entitlement to Attend --Age and Residency
  • # 7240 - Student Records: Access and Challenge

Adoption Date: 9/13/16