Williamsville Central School District

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Student Dress Code

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
7000 - Students


The responsibility for the dress and appearance of students shall rest with individual students and parents. They have the right to determine how the student shall dress, provided that such attire does not interfere with the operation of the school or infringe upon the general health, safety and welfare of District students or employees. Student dress and appearance must be in accordance with the District Code of Conduct. The administration is authorized to take action, including the authority to require a student to change his/her attire, in instances where individual dress does not meet these stated requirements.

While the school administration may require students participating in physical education classes to wear certain types of clothing such as sneakers, socks, shorts, and tee shirts, they may not prescribe a specific brand which students must wear.

This policy does not mean that student, faculty, or parent groups may not recommend appropriate dress for school or special occasions. It means that a student shall not be prevented from attending school or a school function, or otherwise be discriminated against, so long as his/her dress and appearance meet the above requirements. A school function shall mean a school-sponsored or school-authorized extracurricular event or activity regardless of where such event or activity takes place, including any event or activity that may take place in another state.

Education Law Section 2801(1) -- definition of school function
NOTE: Refer also to District Code of Conduct on School Property