Williamsville Central School District

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Electronic Devices

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009, Revised: 1/13/2015
7000 - Students


The use of electronic devices with photographic, audio, video and/or text messaging capability, including but not limited to, cellular telephones, cameras, personal data assistants and other devices, creates the potential for disruptions, violations of privacy as well as threats to testing/examination security.

Students are prohibited from using or having on or in an operational mode, any paging device, cellular telephone, or any other type of telecommunications or imaging device during the instructional/school day, except as expressly permitted in connection with a class assignment. While students are permitted to possess such devices during the school day, they are prohibited from using them in manner that invades the privacy of students, employees, volunteers or visitors. If a student violates this prohibition, he/she is subject to discipline under this provision and/or any other provision in the District Code of Conduct and/or Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that may be applicable to the circumstances involved.

In order to promote a proper educational environment, ensure examination security and protect the privacy of individuals, the Board of Education expressly prohibits the use of such devices as follows:

  1. During the school day and in any classroom during the provision of instruction unless used directly for educational purposes and as specifically permitted by the teacher, staff member or administrator;
  2. During any test, examination, or in any situation with the potential for plagiarism or cheating; and
  3. In any restroom, locker room or other areas (both private and public) where individuals have an expectation of privacy.
The Board recognizes that while carrying cellular telephones can be a safety measure for staff and students alike, problems arise when the inappropriate use of cellular telephones interferes with the school's ability to maintain control in the school environment, giving rise to security as well as educational concerns.

Inappropriate or unauthorized use of cellular telephones can undermine the communication system in place per the school safety plans, impede evacuation plans if parents or other individuals are summoned to the school by non-designated persons, and potentially restrict the access of community emergency service providers to the site. Any use not in conformity with this policy shall subject the student to consequences under the District Code of Conduct and/or AUP.

As deemed necessary, school safety plans and the District Code of Conduct shall be modified to address the use of and/or restriction of cellular telephones during designated times or events, particularly by students and visitors to the school.