Williamsville Central School District

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Student Performances

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
7000 - Students


Public performances by students are recognized as a means of demonstrating the breadth and depth of training received in the schools, as well as a means of recognition of individual and group skills. Public appearances of any individual or group representing the school should be in such a manner as to be consistent with the general purposes of the school and the needs and the interest of the students involved.

Public performances by students or groups of students representing the school should not be for the purpose of promoting competitive goods or services. The theme of any performance must not be sectarian, commercial, or of a partisan political nature.

All public performances by individuals or groups of students representing the District should be expected to contribute to the general educational aim of the program, should be appropriate to the group, and should be in good taste and in keeping with general community standards.

Students or student groups representing the District may perform for outside organizations where admission fees are charged only if the proceeds are to be used for charitable, educational or civic purposes. All costs directly associated with the performance shall be borne by the sponsoring organization and payment for any performance is acceptable only in the form of a contribution to support the work of the performing organization. Individual payments may not be accepted by a student or students or members of the staff.

Student Participation in Public Performance, Contests
The Board recognizes that the occasional participation of students in public performances or contests contributes to the educational growth of the students involved.

Students may not take part in public performances which will interfere with other scheduled activities or classes within the school without prior approval from the Building Principal.