Williamsville Central School District

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Curriculum (General)

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
8000 - Instruction


The Board of Education supports and encourages development of a District-wide, articulated curriculum that conforms to state mandates and is responsive to the needs of children in a rapidly changing society. The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Instructional Specialists and the Principals shall be responsible to the Superintendent for developing District-wide efforts toward the short and long-range improvement of curriculum and instruction.

The curriculum shall be the same in all buildings in the District. However, the staff in each building unit shall be authorized to develop appropriate delivery systems, utilize appropriate instructional materials, and develop organizational plans to accomplish District objectives and meet expected student outcomes.

Curriculum Resources

There are many resources for curriculum development that exist in our District, and the instructional staff, under the guidance of the administration, is expected to delve into those resources for possible improvement of the instructional program. Each teacher has the privilege of being an initiator of improvement, as well as a reactor to changing conditions, and the Principals shall be involved in curriculum implementation monitoring.

From the staff, the Superintendent may appoint curriculum study committees; and their findings, as well as the collective judgments of the staff about the pertinence of various possible changes, shall be submitted by the Superintendent to the Board of Education for consideration in the forming of curriculum policy.

Curriculum Evaluation

The Board of Education shall direct a continuing evaluation of the curriculum as part of a program of instructional improvement. All aspects of the curriculum shall be subjected to a searching and critical analysis in an attempt to improve the learning and growth of students.

The administrative staff shall evaluate the curriculum in a systematic manner involving school personnel and others as appropriate and make periodic recommendations for action by the Board. The Board of Education from time to time may invite teachers or others to discuss the curriculum.

Evaluation of the Instructional Program

The Board of Education expects staff members to maintain a continual program of evaluation at every level to determine the extent of progress toward the schools' objectives. The Board of Education will periodically request the Superintendent to present factual information that it considers necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the School System.

The purpose of evaluating the instructional programs are to:

  • Indicate instructional strengths and weaknesses;
  • Provide information needed for advance planning;
  • Provide data for public information;
  • Show the relationship between achievement and the school system's stated goals; and
  • Assure that the program is aligned with the goals for the instructional program.
Education Law Sections 1604, 1709, 2503 and 3204
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Section 100.2(m)