Williamsville Central School District

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Instructional Arrangements

Adoption Date: 7/7/2009
8000 - Instruction


The Board of Education acknowledges the educational validity of homework as an adjunct to and extension of the instructional program of the schools. "Homework" shall refer to those assignments to be prepared by the student outside of the school or independently while in attendance at school.

Teachers are cautioned to avoid overloading students with excessively lengthy homework assignments or with "empty" assignments. Planning homework assignments should be give as much care as the planning of any other aspect of a lesson. An assignment important enough to be done must be considered worthy of teacher evaluation.

Homework, when given, shall be assigned according to these guidelines:

  • Homework should be a properly planned part of the curriculum extending and reinforcing the learning experience of the school.
  • The amount of homework assigned to students should be different from elementary to middle to high school. If homework is assigned, it should be commented on with timely and specific feedback.
  • Homework should help children learn by providing practice in the mastery of skills, an opportunity to prepare new content, or a chance to elaborate on content that has been introduced in class.
  • Homework should help develop the student's sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for the exercise of independent work and judgment.
  • The number, frequency, and degree of difficulty of homework assignments should be based on the abilities, and age of the student. However, the grade given for the homework is dependent on the student's performance.
  • As a valid education tool, the purpose of homework should be clearly identified and articulated.
The Board believes that parental involvement in students' homework is essential to making homework an integral part of the educational program. Parents are expected to encourage and monitor homework assignments and, to the extent possible, provide conditions that are conducive to their successful completion. Parental involvement in the completion of assignments, however, should be kept to a minimum.