Photos 2017-2018

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Mr. Bowen's Summer Reading Challenge
Summer Reading Challenge Mr. Bowen
Dunk Tank
Mr. Bowen with Students
SOAR at Dunk Tank
Students at Dunk Tank
Mrs. Vogel with Student
Mr. Bowen Before and After Dunk Tank
Mrs. Skinner's Summer Math Challenge Race
Grade 1 attends BPO Concert
Kindergarten Teachers Going to the Farm!
Mrs. Ardillo's Class at Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village
Mrs. Ardillo's Class at Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village
Book buddies for Halloween Miss Etienne & Miss Lutz
fall fest 2017
national unity day
2nd grade detectives!
Grade 2 Teachers Dressed as the Weather!
Students on Halloween
Grade 3 Teachers M & M's
CE Teachers Minions!
Grade 4 Teachers - Emoji's!
CE Minions!
Miss Etienne's Kindergarten Class
Halloween 2017
Native American Day - Grade 4
Fun Times in P.E.!
Student of the Month Assembly!
Our First Math Fact Award Winners!
gym class
Physical Education Students of the Month
Climbing Wall!
Miss Etienne's Little Turkeys!
Mrs. Weisbrot's Class at the Nutcracker Play
Mrs. Hardbattle's Class at the Nutcracker Play
Miss Habicht's Class at the Nutcracker Play
Grade 2 Warm Winter Wishes
Author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater visits CP!
Author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater with students
Visiting Children's Author Presentation to Students!
Mrs. Vogel's Class Outside Recess!
More Cupcakes
Our Cupcake Judges!
Mrs. Kopp & Miss Etienne at Cupcake Wars
More Cupcakes!
Smores Cupcakes!