Principal's Message


September 30, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are well into the school year, and we are getting in the swing of things.  Many things have happened in a short amount of time!

CP was featured in The Amherst Bee on Wednesday, Sept 25.  The article can be found by clicking on this direct link:  While the article is about the new signs around the school, it really is about the inclusive nature the teachers, staff, students, and parents hold and the way our community embraces all of our learners.  Without having that in place, the signs are completely meaningless.  Thank you to all the parents who contributed to this, especially Kelly Patterson.  The PTA has been busy; as usual, the ice cream was a hit!  Thank you to Beth Puleo for coordinating the Ice Cream Social and for Sume Lee for spearheading the Book Fair.  Also, thank you to the PTA for providing a Welcome Back concert and for renting our dunk tank for the Summer Reading Celebration.  (My suit is just fine!  It has survived a taping to a wall, two slimings, one ice bucket challenge, and four dunk tankings!)   Also, a HUGE thank you to PTA for purchasing the Sport Court!  What a difference it makes for recess for our children!  It’s definitely being put to good use.

 We have several goals for CP this year.  I will be addressing these goals and providing updates as to our progress at upcoming PTA meetings and in future newsletters.  Country Parkway is now fully implemented in Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Workshop.  Reading and Writing Workshop effectively combines all the best elements of research-based best practices in literacy.  The basic structure of Reading and Writing Workshop includes a small mini-lesson, lots of time engaged in reading or writing while teachers conference with students, and then a whole-group share.  For math, we will continue to implement consistent instructional language and strategies across all grades that promote conceptual understanding of math.  In addition, we will increase student number sense and math fact fluency using research-based strategies.  Another goal will be implementing new science standards according to the state plan.  We have new science kits that will be used for instructional purposes in an effort to engage students in hands-on science learning!  Our final goal relates to a new initiative in which the District is embarking.  We are beginning to develop an instructional coaching culture at CP.  The District has given CP a full-time instructional coach to work with our teachers in order to improve student learning.  Our coach is Mrs. Bobbi Hopkins.  She is absolutely no stranger to CP by any stretch of the imagination.  Most of her career has been as a classroom teacher at CP.  For the last four years, Mrs. Hopkins has been a technology integrator.  We could not be more thrilled to have Mrs. Hopkins here with us. 

 October and November are critical months for learning.  Be sure to have your family and learning routines in place.  All students should be reading (or should be read to) for at least 20 minutes each night.  At the end of November, we will be holding parent conferences.  Be on the lookout for one of my weekly updates for directions on how to sign up for a parent conference on WITS.

 Happy Autumn!

 Proudly Your Principal,

 Andrew Bowen