Gifted Programming Services

Country Parkway Gifted Programming Specialist – Mrs. Maria Heinsheins

The primary purpose of Gifted Programming is to provide opportunities to meet the needs of students who exhibit gifted behavior.  Giftedness is represented through achievement and creative productivity over a sustained period of time, in a domain that matters to the person.  This conception of giftedness includes characteristics or traits which can be nurtured or enhanced through appropriate instruction and experiences.  Gifted Programming in Williamsville is adapted from Donald Treffinger’s Levels of Service Model.   

Levels of Service:

Level 1 – Services for All  Students – “Discovering and Building”

Provides foundational skills and tools for development and understanding of learning styles and for processing information.  Designed to foster the skills associated with creative, productive and self-directed learning.

Level 2 –Services for Many Students-“Curious and Exploring"

Providing opportunities for enrichment based on identified interests.

Level 3 – Services for Some Students – “Enthusiastic and Performing"

The focus is on in-depth work to provide a high level of challenge and pace for learners who show identified strengths.

Level 4 – Services for Few Students – “Passionate and Soaring”