Williamsville Central School District

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Click here to view video presentation of COVID-19 Testing Procedures: WATCH - COVID-19 Testing Procedures

December 4, 2020

Dear Parents, Faculty & Staff:

Please follow these steps in order to complete the random testing requirements set forth by the New York State Department of Health.

Students in grades K-8 will be required to have a parent present during testing.  Please try and schedule a COVID-19 test on the days that your student is not receiving in-person instruction. As a reminder, students randomly selected will not be penalized and will have an opportunity to complete assigned work if scheduled to take a COVID-19 test during instruction.

The type of test that will be administered is the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test. You can view a demonstration of this test here: BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Demonstration.

COVID-19 Testing Procedures:

1)     If selected to be randomly tested, custodial parent(s) and staff will be notified through WITS. Only those randomly selected and notified will be tested.

2)     Those selected must complete the consent form digitally on WITS. If you do not consent, you will not be able to schedule a COVID-19 test through the Appointment Calendar.

3)     Access the COVID-19 Appointment Calendar through WITS

  1. Select the testing site of your choice:
  1. Select a testing date and time of your choice

4)     Arrive at the testing location at least 10 minutes before your scheduled test time

5)     Check-in with clerical staff in the gymnasium

6)     The COVID-19 BinaxNOW Rapid Test will be administered by the on-site nurse

7)     Custodial parent(s)/staff will receive an e-mail notification to check WITS for COVID-19 test results shortly after the test is conducted

  1. Custodial parent(s) and staff will receive a phone call for a positive COVID-19 test

8)     Follow the directions from the designated health care professional regarding COVID-19 test results

As a reminder, please complete the Daily COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire and wear a mask to your scheduled appointment.

Thank you for cooperation in helping the District meet the testing requirements set forth by the New York State Department of Health.


Williamsville Central School District