Williamsville Central School District

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Williamsville Central Schools has a longstanding tradition of excellence in sports. The District's interscholastic athletic program is the third largest high school sports program in New York State. Participation of high school students is consistently high, with 208 teams from Varsity to Modified team sports. The District is a member of the New York State Public high School Athletic Association, Section VI, and the Erie County Interscholastic Conference.  .

All Williamsville athletes and spectators are expected to exhibit outstanding sportsmanship at all times. Over the years, this type of positive conduct has insured that interscholastic athletic opportunities have been beneficial experiences for all those involved. In addition, student athletes are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the District (available at the links below).

If your 7th/8th grade middle school child is playing a sport -  please view the high school website for which your child plays:

District Athletic Director - Christopher Mucica 
Fax:  (716) 626-8099

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Electronic Sports Sign-Up and Verification Via Parents WITS Account

  1. PARENTS log in to your WITS account
  2. Go to the Athletics” tab
  3. Go to “Sports sign-up”
  4. Go to “+ Add”: complete the sports sign-up information for your athlete i.e. athletic agreement, emergency contact information, health history review, etc.
  5. Follow the directions for next steps and/or completion of missing information specific to your child as indicated in WITS, click “submit”.

Please note:   only parents may complete the sports sign-up for their athlete through their parent WITS account.  Students may not do so and do not have access via WITS. If you do not have a WITS account as a parent, please call 626-8058 to set up an account.