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Communications Department

Welcome to the Williamsville Central School District Communications Department.  Responsibilities of the Communications Department include:

  • Community and Media Relations (2021-2022 Media Guidelines)
  • District website and social media pages
  • Internal communications
  • Print communications

The Williamsville Central School District offers a variety of ways to communicate and stay connected with parents.  Whether you want to be informed of school related emergencies and school closings or just get a glimpse of student life in our schools, we can provide it for you!  

  • District and school websites
  • District Newsletters
  • School Newsletters
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube)
  • E-Alert notifications (email and text)
  • Mass media (TV, Radio, Print)
  • District calendar and handbook
  • Connection (Community Newsletter - Budget & Summer Editions)

Emergency Notifications
Williamsville Central School District uses an automated mass notification system to inform parents, staff and students of a school emergency, school closure, or other important announcement affecting our schools. This system has two components: email/text messages and automated phone calls. 

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E-mail and Text Messages
The eAlert system allows the district to communicate rapidly with subscribers using text-to-cell messages, as well as email.  This is an opt-in service, which allows anyone in the community to subscribe (e.g. day care centers, extended family members, youth organizations).  Parents are encouraged to register for this service because notifications about weather-related school closings -  snow days - are sent via eAlert. This subscriber-based system does not include automated phone calls and a user is given the option to unsubscribe whenever a message is received, whether it be via email or text message.  

*Due to email provider spam filters, we have found that text messaging is the most effective way to communicate using this system.  Service provider rates for text messaging may apply.   

Automated Phone Messages
New to the district in 2018, this feature allows us to send a pre-recorded phone message exclusively to parents, guardians, and staff members in the event of a school emergency.  The district will use this auto-dial system only for emergency situations that affect WCSD schools or the health and safety of our students. The home telephone number (land line or cell) that parents/guardians provide to the district will be used for this purpose; no sign-up is required. 

WITS Parent Portal
  • The WITS Parent Portal offers secure access for parents and guardians to monitor their student's progress and communicate with their teachers
  • Progress Reports and Report Cards are available for all grade levels
  • Parents of students in grades 5-12 can view cumulative grades, assessments, and assignment scores
  • Attendance information is available for all grade levels
  • Transportation route information
  • With the creation of one account, you will access all of your children's information across the school district
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