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Gifted Programming

A unique array of services is offered to develop talent in students. A full-time Gifted Programming Specialist, assigned to each middle and elementary school, is committed to nurturing the talents of all learners. Programming is delivered through four levels of service by the school community including Gifted Programming Specialists.

GPS - Level 1

GPS - Level II

GPS - Level III

Participation in Gifted Programming

All students are included in Level I Gifted Programming and Level II offerings are self-selected by students.  Decisions regarding involvement in Level III Gifted Programming are made through a flexible process, encompassing a consideration of multiple measures and varied sources of information. No single factor determines participation, nor does a set period of time exist for the provision of service. Rather, assessment and involvement are fluid processes, changing throughout the course of a year as student strengths, interests, and talents are identified.

Students may meet with the Gifted Programming Specialist as part of whole group instruction within the classroom, in small group settings, or individually as determined by individual strengths, needs, and/or interests:

  • Independence and task commitment
  • High academic achievement
  • Original ideas and solutions
  • Synthesizing and processing information at an accelerated rate
  • Ability to think critically and problem solve
  • Focused and varied interests

If you would like more information regarding gifted programming services please contact your child's school.


Gifted Programming - Levels of Service

A Team Approach

Gifted Programming Services (GPS) target a student's identified academic strengths and sustained interests in order to offer academic challenges and promote learning through a team approach.