Williamsville Central School District

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Facilities Department

Facilities Staff

Keith Langlotz, Director of Facilities
Phone: 716-626-8860
E-mail: klanglotz@williamsvillek12.org

John Husted, Operational Maintenance Manager
Phone: 716-626-8860
E-mail: jhusted@williamsvillek12.org

Robert Farleo, Supervisor of Cleaning Services
Phone: 716-626-8863
E-mail: rfarleo@williamsvillek12.org

Use of Buildings

In accordance with Board of Education Policy #3280, Community organizations are welcome to use school buildings and grounds when not in use by students. Groups must submit a written application for a permit and provide proof of insurance. In some instances, a fee may be charged to cover the cost of staffing the building with a custodian.

Applications for Use of Buildings are available in each school office. Please contact the school that you wish to secure for use to obtain an application.

Leases for school use and field space

 Lease of space agreements are implemented when organizations use space for extended periods of time and may also be implemented if organizations wish to hold camps in the summer. Please contact the Business office for more information on leases.

Building Fee Schedule 

The following "Rules for Use of Building" apply:

  1. The school reserves the right to cancel this permit in the event that:
    • A school calendar change preempts this use
    • Availability of supervision is altered
    • Misuse of building and/or equipment
  2. A responsible advisor must be in charge of the group to which this permit is granted.
  3. Smoking and liquor are strictly prohibited.
  4. Raffles and games of chance are strictly prohibited.
  5. All field marking lines must be completed by district grounds staff.  Misuse of this will revoke permit.
  6. The starting and finishing times indicated on the permit delineate the maximum time of the permitted use.  The school personnel involved may have other plans based on these hours.  Please do not abuse the limits as indicated.  Otherwise, additional fees will be added.
  7. Custodians have been instructed that no property or equipment is to be released from anywhere in the building without an approved building permit or a call to the main office changing permit use, which may incur additional fees.
  8. Pools will not be opened until the applicant and two certified lifeguards provide proof of validation.
  9. Rooms, etc., will not be opened until the applicant is in attendance to supervise any activity.
  10. School equipment use is not authorized unless approved per school administrator on the permit.
  11. Reimbursement for damages is the responsibility of the applicant.
  12. Applicants should bring their approved copy of the Application for Use of Building and a copy of their insurance certificate on the date and time of their approved event.