Williamsville Central School District

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Repair Reserve

March 13, 2018 - The Board of Education unanimously approved spending up to $1.1 million from the District's Repair Reserve Fund to perform needed maintenance work on school facilities and grounds as outlined below. The majority of the work would take place during the summer. The Repair Reserve Fund was established with voter approval in 2001 to make necessary repairs to District buildings each year in order to extend the useful life of facilities.


 Pavement repairs 

 Casey Middle

 Clean the precast on the school building; repair lower chiller that provides air conditioning for district office;   repair  broken drainage pipe located under the Casey/North parking lot.

 Dodge Elementary

 Install new flooring in main office (includes   asbestos abatement of old floor tile); repair terrazzo flooring at main   school entrance doors; repair/replace main doors; repair/replace some   exterior doors; repair accordion classroom doors (rooms 140 and 142).

 Maple West Elementary

 Repair doors/frames for certain exterior doors.

 Forest Elementary

 Complete masonry restoration, brick re-pointing; repair office heating/air conditioning units.

 Heim Elementary

 Re-seal windows in second grade wing; repair office heating/air conditioning units.

 Maple East Elementary

 Repair the wall tile in cafeteria; repair   office heating/air conditioning units; complete sidewalk modifications   allowing for ADA access from buses.

 Heim  Middle

 Purchase and replace school clocks with GPS clock units; paint gym ceiling; refinish front stage panels in auditorium.

 Transit Middle

 Repair hot water storage tank system.

 Mill Middle

 Repair office heating/air conditioning units; provide supplemental lighting for the sidewalk in front of the school.

 East High

 Paint pool ceiling; modify the operation of the hot water storage system.

 North High

 Clean the precast on the building; refinish front stage panels in auditorium; purchase and replace school clocks with GPS   clock units; widen the drive lane between North High and Casey Middle.

 South High

 Repair/replace the Guidance Dept. flooring; repair office heating/air conditioning units; repair specific terrazzo stair   treads at certain locations in the school; paint cupola; modify external fencing around refuse containers.