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K-12 Curriculum Overview

Below is a list and summary information regarding curriculum areas.  Click the subject to navigate to the content area.


Art work by Forest Elementary's Corey Hickey

Forest Elementary: Corey Hickey's watercolor painting featuring the forest and the sun setting.

Business and Marketing

Student learn business skills operating the Hot Spot at North High School

Students at Williamsville North gain business experience by operating and managing the Hot Spot, a coffee and snack shop in the high school.

Computer Science

Student smile during computer science class.

Engineering and Technology

A student launches an object from their trebuchet

English Language Arts

Students raise their hands during class.


English as a New Language

Lindsey Toutounji smiles as she works with a student.

Family and Consumer Sciences

A student at Mill Middle School sews a pillow case in Family and Consumer Science.

Library Services

James and the Giant Peach and Moby Dick displayed in the school library.


Student smile with working with miras and determining symmetry in math class.



Students at Williamsville South play the trombone during their pep rally.

Physical Education and Health

Students participate roller hockey during physical education class at Heim Middle School.


A student demonstrates their science fair project, "Unpoppable Bubbles."

Social Studies

A student reviews information regarding cultures and history in New York States.

World Languages

Phrases in Spanish on a display wall in a classroom.