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High School Program

Updated: May 7, 2024
Information is subject to change

High School Summer Program
Course Offerings


Location: Williamsville East High School
Time: 7:30 am - 1:04 pm

The Williamsville High School Summer School program is a seven-week program that will operate primarily on a four-day week, with the exception of the first and last week of classes. The first week of classes will run Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12.  Monday through Thursday classes will then be held from July 15 through August 15. The final week of classes will be Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20. Regents Exams will take place on August 19 and 20.

New and Review courses will be offered in the high school program:

*NEW COURSES will allow academically ready students to complete a high school course in six weeks for credit.

*REVIEW COURSES will enable students to retake a class that they did not successfully complete during the regular school year. Students who enroll in a review science course must provide proof that they have successfully completed the lab requirement.

*TUTORIAL COURSES are available for students who passed the course/earned course credit but failed the Regents exam. Tutorial courses will begin on Monday, July 29.

*RETAKING REGENTS EXAMS - Students must register to retake a Regents Exam by either going to their home school guidance office during Pre-Registration (May 20-June 27) OR during Walk-In Registration on July 2 at East High School. No students will be allowed to sit for a Regents Exam if they have not pre-registered by July 2.

Students are not allowed to audit summer school courses.   Also, summer school is available to current students only, not June 2024 graduates. We encourage students and their parents to read this newsletter carefully and seek guidance from their counselors prior to registering. Any student registering for a New Course or a Review Course must see their counselor to pre-register for summer school.  As in the past, all courses listed will be offered provided a sufficient number of students register for the course. The start times of these courses are subject to change. Additional sections of a course may be added when needed, and if staffing and budget allows.

High School Program - Attendance Policy

As per New York State, the attendance policy for the High School Summer School Program mirrors the District attendance policy. However, due to the condensed nature of the summer program, students must attend all of their classes unless they have an excused absence and make up the course work assigned. Students that accrue more than 3 unexcused absences in any class during summer school will be removed from that class and will not be given course credit.  Parents should email the summer school attendance office if their child is absent to ensure their child’s absence is marked appropriately.

Exterior of Williamsville East High School

Courtney Charleson-Smith

Assistant Principal
Nicholas Suchyna

Main Office
Fax: 716-626-8408

Attendance Office

Health Office
Fax: 716-626-8408


Registration Information

May 20 – June 27

  • All pre-registrations for a new course must take place through the student's home school counselor's office beginning May 20.
  • If you are pre-registering for a review course you must have completed a minimum of four marking periods in that course.
  • Students planning to enroll in a Science review course must have verification of science lab requirements being met.

Walk-In Registration - ONE DAY ONLY!
July 2
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Williamsville East High School 

  • If you are enrolling in a NEW course, make sure you obtain prior consent from your school counselor.
  • Students who have not earned course credit and need to take a REVIEW class must bring notification of failure letter to registration. Personnel at walk-in registration will not be able to register you for a course without prior approval from your school counselor.
  • Students planning to enroll in Science review courses must present proof (report card/counselor notification of course failure letter) at the time of registration to ensure that lab requirements/four-marking period requirements have been met.
  • Williamsville residents who attend private or parochial schools must provide photo identification at registration. They must also bring a copy of their report card or, if not available, a letter from the home school counselor/principal that can verify registration eligibility. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENROLL IF THEY ARE NOT IN POSSESSION OF EITHER OF THESE DOCUMENTS.
  • A completed health form must be submitted in order to register for summer classes.
  • Students wishing to retake Regents Exams must register to retake a Regents Exam by either going to their home school guidance office during Pre-Registration (May 20-June 27) OR during Walk-In Registration on July 2 at East High School. No students will be allowed to sit for a Regents Exam if they have not pre-registered on July 2 - no exceptions.

SPECIAL NOTE: We encourage pre-registration when possible; some classes fill up and are closed quickly. The attached summer school schedule of classes is subject to change according to enrollment, staffing or budgetary considerations.

High School Program Dates

July 8 - July 12 (Monday - Friday)
July 15 - July 18 (Monday - Thursday)
July 22 - July 25 (Monday - Thursday)
July 29 - August 1 (Monday - Thursday)
August 5 - August 8 (Monday - Thursday)
August 12 - August 15 (Monday - Thursday)
August 19 - August 20 (Monday-Tuesday/Regents Exams)