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Williamsville Planetarium

The Williamsville Space Lab Planetarium started as an astronomy lab in 1969 and has grown into a high-tech, multimedia learning resource for students and staff in the Williamsville Central School District, as well as school groups from across Western New York.

Through renovations and advances in technology, the Williamsville Space Lab Planetarium is now a multimedia theater and classroom that brings you closer to the cosmos!  Fly around the solar system, visit planets around another star, tour the galaxy, or even go beyond to see deep space data sets all the way out to the edge of the observable universe.

The Williamsville Space Lab Planetarium also features SkyLase, a full dome, full-color laser projection system, bringing vibrant laser shows and graphics to Williamsville!  

The Williamsville Space Lab Planetarium is located at Williamsville North High School. 

A star projector displays the star clusters in the planetarium.


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Planetarium Staff

The planetarium features a LIVE weather station and showcases the temperature, wind, and precipitation among other metrics for Williamsville.

Weather station on top of the Williamsville Planetarium.

LIVE Weather Station Information