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ELA Resources

Web Resources for English Language Arts

These resources only represent a small portion of ELA resources available on the web.  The resources listed are often recommended by the State Education Department and/or teachers.  A great place to find additional resources is through the Williamsville School Library pages.

Resources for Understanding the Common Core

Engage NY Common Core Guide for Parents
New York State's Education Department has dedicated resources to help parents understand the Common Core.  Included in the above link are documents connected to:

  • - Interpreting Grade 3-8 test scores
  • - A Parents' Guide to Understanding the Common Core
  • - What Parents Can Do to Help their Children Learn
  • - Much more!
The Common Core Standards
This website is the comprehensive guide for the common core standards.

PTA Parent Guide to Student Success

Resources for Testing and Studying

Resources for Presentations

**This is only meant to be a sampling of the presentation resources available online, these have been provided by Williamsville Teachers and Librarians, other presentation resources exist and can be used.

  • Storybird: Storybird will help you "create short, visual stories. You can save them, share them and print them. Use Storybird's watercolor illustrations to tell your story." ALA
  • Prezi: "...create fantastic, brain-friendly presentations. Use Prezi to customize, non-linear creative presentations that can kept for online access or downloaded for personal or professional use. Include pictures, videos, and more." ALA
  • Vimeo: Vimeo allows you to create video presentation for the classroom.
  • Googledocs: Googledocs is a free resource students can use to create presentations (similar to Power Point) and write papers (similar to Microsoft Word).  It allows students to work collaboratively on one document.
  •  Fakebook (Via Classroom Tools): Use "Fakebook" to chart the plot of a book, the development of a character, a series of historical events, the debates and relationships between people, and so on!
  • Infogr.am: Create infographics & online charts.
(Descriptions are provided from the American Library Association)

Resources for Career and College Readiness

  • SAT Preparation: Sponsored by the College Board, the SAT Preparation webpage provides study tips and registration information for the SAT's.
  • ACT Preparation: Sponsored by the American College Testing (ACT) organization provides study tips and registration information for the ACT's.
  • Career and College Ready: Sponsored by Achieve.org and Future Ready Projects, this website explores what Career and College Readiness Means and How the CCLS Facilitates the process.
  • Advanced Placement Testing/AP Central: Sponsored by The College Board, the website provides study tips, exam guides, and exam registration information.
  • College Board: Plan and search for colleges and college testing
  • Fastweb: Career and college planning and scholarships
General English Language Arts Resources

These resources are based on website recommendations from teachers and from EngageNY